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WHAT ON EARTH (Que Diable)


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Cheveu Miracle ↪ (post-rock avant-garde / 2022 / France (Paris) // )
$ CD 💿 Favorite track: Voodoo Spinning.
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Weekly5 The post-apocalyptic Voodoo Spinning is representative of the abysmal sound constructs that Oiseaux-Tempête conjure up on the album. Together with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Oiseaux-Tempête open a bottomless maw, pitch-black, mysterious and threatening. Voodoo Spinning is an almost seven-minute ambient inferno that winds into the abyss with irresistible slowness until the screeching guitar cuts through the lush gloom like a buzzsaw. Favorite track: Voodoo Spinning.
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eυa in the Dark room Favorite track: Black Elephant.
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C://FNFN can't wait — another promising one, the single is amazing
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Waldgänger 04:01


Co-released by Sub Rosa & NAHAL Recordings



Double LP | CD | DL SR531 & NAHAL016

For almost a decade, Oiseaux-Tempête has been slipping through the cracks of any music genre or definition one tries to apply and perhaps it is because, like the wild and furtive creatures that escape all tracking, it disappears then is reborn under new forms, sketches playful mirages where we eagerly come to collide. Not quite a collective nor a conventional band, Oiseaux-Tempête rather takes the form of the radioactive nucleus of an atom whose electron cloud is in constant mutation. At the center of this project, which blurs lines and genres, the duo turned trio of multi-instrumentalists Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul and Mondkopf have been building dialogues between their own reality, their vocabulary, and those of fellow travelers met all around the surface of the world. From their Mediterranean trilogy (S/T, ÜTOPIYA?, AL-'AN!) to their forray into Canada with the explosive From Somewhere Invisible, deeply instinctive albums shrouded in mystery take shape, in parallel with feverish and incendiary live performances, punk in their urgency to tell the world by blasting the boundaries of space and time.

After having signed the soundtrack of the bewitching Tunisian film Tlamess (Sortilège) by Ala Eddine Slim in 2020, Oiseaux-Tempête immerses us with WHAT ON EARTH (Que Diable) in a collapsed future. A psychedelic/psychological roadmap, the album gathers around Frédéric D. Oberland, Stéphane Pigneul, Mondkopf and Jean-Michel Pirès (Bruit Noir), the voices of Ben Shemie (SUUNS), G.W.Sok (formerly The Ex), Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem In My Heart) or the electric strings of Jessica Moss (Thee Silver Mt. Zion). If the planetary reality of 2022 looks like a bad spin-off of a pre/post-apocalyptic series, this new record invites us to another kind of anticipative present where the only weapons are poems chanted against the wind. Ben Shemie opens the projection on Black Elephant and sets the tone for this magnetic dance. With his modulated and processed voice, he spews his spoken word into a robotic and sensual monster on a modular synth loop slashed by heart beats and bursts of electricity, between futuristic hip-hop and a bad-ass addictive ritornello. A fitting introduction to the sensory deluge which follows and will have you spellbound, lost in landscapes both radically urban and deserted. Drum machines, analog synths, percussions, guitars, mellotron, flute, saxophone, vocals, rhodes, piano, violin and electric buzuk come to life in a sort of disaster aesthetic, pushing back the walls of the decor, against the current of any calibrated music.

From the mammoth riffs of Partout Le Feu, progressively thickened by explosive sound textures and sirens ringing the alarm, we levitate on Terminal Velocity, a minimalist interlude with a crepuscular feel that is jostled by the hypnotic pulsations of Voodoo Spinning and then the call of the dungeon The Crying Eye - I Forget, an electro mystical trance that deploys its philters in a troubled moat haunted by the psalmodies of Radwan Ghazi Moumneh. The tempo speeds up in A Man Alone in a One Man Poem, a meeting of body and mind, of mechanical energy and burning breath where the spoken word of G.W.Sok sneaks in, before the pastoral crossing of Waldgänger and its forest of electronic chimeras. We dance naked under the comet, ridden by the whirlwind of piano and bass snaking over a drone before reaching the peak of this prophetic vision in Dôme, recorded live acoustic in Oscar Niemeyer’s abandoned architectural complex in Lebanon. The echo of a last discharge before the collapse.

Oiseaux-Tempête unveils a new facet of its mythology through a dense work that carries darkness towards the light of day, that rumbles, calms down and warms up again. Like the silhouette of a lighthouse that reveals itself as its torch rises and shines, the powerful beauty of WHAT ON EARTH (Que Diable) radiates into an expanding musical cosmos.

(Text by Alice Butterlin)


released October 28, 2022

All tracks composed and performed by Oiseaux-Tempête

Frédéric D. Oberland : electric guitar, mellotron, flute, alto sax, analog synths, boîte à bourdons, sea shell, rhodes, piano, vocals, percussion
Stéphane Pigneul : modular & analog synths, electric bass VI & bass, drum machine, vocals, percussion
Mondkopf : drum machine, analog & modular synths, vocals, electric guitar, boîte à bourdons, percussion
Jean-Michel Pirès : drums and percussion on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8
Ben Shemie : vocals on track 1
Radwan Ghazi Moumneh : electric buzuk on track 4, vocals on track 5
G.W.Sok : vocals on track 6
Jessica Moss : electric violin on track 6
Racha Baroud : vocals on track 9
Roy Arida : percussion on track 9

Recorded at Mer/Noir, Hotel2Tango, Mikrokosm, Magnum Diva, Contre-Terre & 5th Chamber, Oscar Niemeyer’s Dôme in Tripoli - Lebanon, Montreal - Canada, Paris, Lyon - Europe by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, Benoît Bel, Jean-Charles Bastion, the band // Arranged & edited by Oiseaux-Tempête except track 9 edited by Grégoire Orio & Grégoire Couvert // Mixed & produced by Jean-Charles Bastion & Oiseaux-Tempête at Mer/Noir // Mastered by Harris Newman at GreyMarket Montreal // Lacquer by François Terrazzoni at Parelies

Photographs by Frédéric D. Oberland // Handwritten font by Thibault Proux // Graphic design by Mountain // Published by Alter K.


'Co-released by Sub Rosa & NAHAL Recordings, this cutting-edge 9-tracker defies the music genre boundaries - it's a dystopian psychedelic trip through hypnotic pulsations and explosive sound textures created with drum machines, analog synths, percussions, guitars, mellotron, flute, saxophone, vocals, rhodes, piano, violin and electric buzuk. Cosmic ambiences with tones recalling the space journeys from that sui generis 70's German Skies à la Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster and Amon Düül, radiating into an expanding musical cosmos.' THE BRVTALIST - DE / USA
"Somptueux. Se mesurant à travers une discographie remarquable, riche en bourrasques exaltantes, le cheminement effectué par Oiseaux-Tempête durant cette très féconde première décennie d’existence traduit une farouche singularité arrimée à une volonté d’expérimentation sans concession. D’une rare puissance suggestive, leur musique nomade s’affirme comme l’une des plus intenses formes actuelles de cinéma pour l’oreille. L’exaltation cathartique de la vie au beau milieu d’un champ de ruines – réel ou imaginaire – apparaît ainsi in fine dans la dynamique fondamentale du monde sonore savamment accidenté, d’une extrême densité, que fait advenir What on Earth (Que Diable)." LES INROCKUPTIBLES - FR
'Listening to Oiseaux-Tempête‘s electronic psychedelic noise rock is like stepping into a disco ball and entering a universe of endless reflections and refractions. Sounds bounce off an infinite number of surfaces, splitting and merging, swirling and diving before they slide into my eardrums and send my brain into static shock.' CVLT NATION - CA
"Disque d'apocalypses multiples, de poésies déclamées contre des murs d'embrasements, de déluges retranscrits en sons, de beauté émergeant des horreurs, d'espoirs meurtris et de résignations victorieuses : le nouvel album de Oiseaux-Tempête est une bande originale du monde, fascinantes et inouïe, multiculturelle et universelle, violente et douce à la fois." MAGIC - FR
'What On Earth (Que Diable) evokes a sentiment echoed by its very title; in its essence, the album is a surprising and exhilarating experience, and bonafide ear candy on top of that with its unbelievably high production value. Oiseaux-Tempête, as a band, have hit a plane of excellency that they’ve been gliding on with ease for a few years now. What On Earth (Que Diable) should be on everyone’s lips right now, and it should be topping whatever year’s end lists are currently being unveiled. I know it will be on mine, and I also know that it will be on yours if you give it a chance. Which you should, by the way. It’s fucking fantastic.' EVERYTHING IS NOISE - FIN
"Ce futur délabré, Oiseaux-Tempête en fait sur ce disque une sorte de voyage immobile, un terrain de jeux aux tonalités fluctuantes qui infusent lentement derrière des ambiances de morceaux aux allures de film noir. Magnifique." NEW NOISE MAGAZINE - FR


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Frédéric D. Oberland
Stéphane Pigneul
Abed Kobeissy
Ali El Hout
Ben McConnell
Ben Shemie
Charbel Haber
Christine Ott
Gareth Davis
Grégoire Couvert
Grégoire Orio
Jean-Michel Pirès
Jessica Moss
Pascal Semerdjian
Radwan Ghazi Moumneh
Sharif Sehnaoui
Stéphane Charpentier
Stéphane Rives
Sylvain Joasson
Tamer Abu Ghazaleh
Youmna Saba
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